Announcing! The G to C Summer Folk Festival @ hi dive Saturday August 18th!


Its time to announce the bands for the G to C Summer Folk Festival!

Maybe you didn’t even know we were having a folk festival. Well we are. And its going to be the best collection of local folk music this year.  Just sayin…

We’ve been waiting, and hiding and keeping it a secret until now. But here it is.


G to C Summer Folk Festival

Saturday August 18th


Strange Americans – Folk music has never been so loud! Strange Americans takes Matt Hoffman’s folk songs, breaks ‘em down, throws ‘em in a blender and resurrects them as Crazy Horse- style jams. They release their debut album at the hi dive this Saturday June 30th.






You, Me and Apollo – Singer Brent Cowles has one of those voices. Its the backbone upon which You, Me and Apollo build a mosiac of American music. Most are expanded folk songs, but they’ll dabble in blues, rock and even a little Motown feel at times. They’re working on new music and have a great new track here.






Glowing House – The interlocking, hand-in-hand harmonies of Jess Parsons and Steve Varney fuel the folk music of Glowing House. Masters of pacing and dynamics, they’ll hold you out on the edge for the briefest of beats before bringing you back to a wall of sound chorus. Just released their second album on June 9th.







The Belle Jar – Folk songs anchored by big, poppy, sing a long hooks. The Belle Jar’s Ryan James may be channeling Ryan Adams, early Wilco and The Shins. They’ll be releasing an album later in the summer.







Lee Avenue – Scott McCormick’s new songs are part Mumford and Sons, part Randy Newman and part Plastic Ono Band. His fiery, impassioned piano playing makes me think of Jerry Lee Lewis if he wrote grandiose rock songs. Lee Avenue will be releasing an album later in the year.






Blow The Vault – Bluegrass, not traditional but close. Like Allison Krause but faster and full of rippin solos.  Behind the beautiful, fluttery voice of Emily Rose Lewis.   Played Telluride Battle of The Bands Saturday June 23rd.







Anthony Ruptak – A bit Dylan, a bit Bright Eyes. Alluring voice, songwriting beyond his years. Released his debut album Thursday June 20th at Walnut Room.







Also, stay tuned to because we’re working on something very special for you regarding this wonderful folk festival. What is it? Oh I can’t tell you. I’ve been sworn to…Ok, fine I’ll just tell you. It’s a podcast! That’s right! A direct, downloadable radio show featuring music, interviews and in-studio performances from all your favorite  G to C bands.  We’ll start with songs from each and every one of of the bands in the G to C Folk Festival.

Its still two months away. It seems like a lifetime doesn’t it? Tickets are only $10 online and $15 at the door.

Be cool and RSVP on Facebook.

Thank you for supporting G to C Magazine! We love you!


*2012 Summer Folk Festival poster by Jonathen Donahue



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