Underground Experiments joins with Syn Med to Showcase Denver Artists of All Kinds

*art from Jesse Dawson
Underground Experiments is the brain child of Adam Peterson and two other friends who started it in Wisconsin. Adam took the collaboration along I-80 to Denver where he was undoubtedly sucked into the whirlpool of diverse Denver artists. Denver place is ripe for a collaboration like Underground Experiments.  They, along with SynAesthetic Media, connect all sorts of artists, musicians, painters, poets and weirdos into an artistic hive mind with a local focus.  Musically, they incorporate acts from all across the spectrum, from the strange and folky to rhythmic noisey ambience to political hip hop. With small artistic cells functioning around the country Underground Experiments has set the table to be a true asset to the Denver scene.

GtoC: What is the purpose and the goal of UE?

UE: Underground Experiments is a music and art collective created by Adam James Peterson, Matt Seyfert, and Charles Watson. Underground Experiments aims to connect artists together to get their art showcased. We want to help connect artists with recording, engineering, printing, production, mixing/mastering, graphic design, promotion, and distribution.

SynMed: SynAesthetic Media is a bridge between mediums and minds. We are a multimedia art collective cultivating avant-garde creativity across all spectrums of perception. We aim to revolutionize the way people conceptualize both the subjective experience of art, as well as the creative process in general by promoting unique ideas and cross platform collaborations; music, video,drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry & more… SynMed boasts an eclectic catalog of releases spanning from up-tempo triphop, dance floor bangers, dreary ambiance, lush glitchy idm, abstract folk, poignant spoken word and much more. All releases are accompanied by hi-quality visual artwork from one of our many talented artists!

GtoC: How did you come out to Colorado and get hooked up with the people here?

UE: Woke up in a crop circle outside DIA with a mission to help facilitate the creation of new art and music.

GtoC: Who are some of the artists and musicians you guys have worked with?

UE: We were able to perform at the first annual Mid West Music Fest where over 70 bands and musical acts performed to raise money for local non-profit organizations such as Winona Semcac Head Start, Winona Fine Arts Commission and Winona360. We have also opened up for Dessa Darling from Doomtree, Carnage the Executioner, Another Exoneration, and many other talented bands and artists. We’ve made mixtapes that are available for free online which feature artists such as DJ Russ P, Jesse Dawson, Witness, Darf, Abadawn, D&D Aspektz, CkC, Enable Mind, Nick Shattuck, Urges From Elsewhere, the Disabled, Father Focus Confucius, Hives Inquiry Squad, Derill Pounds, Jon LaForce, and the Jellyfish Brigade!

SynMed: SynMed has published works from artists around the world: Andrew Dahabrah, Anicrow, Asexual, ConsolerCTRL, Delyscid, DubLD, Good Mourning, In Better Senses, Jazzyspoon, Jesse Dawson, Lucas McMahon, Mudlung, Nikk Meffley, Octodigitus, One Whole Crumb, Plantaganda, Pushkin, Ryan Martinez, Stephen Hurnlund, The Toadvine Collective, Warm Animal and What’s His Face.

GtoC:How has UE grown in your time there?

UE: From the creation of the mad scientist created by Izzy Harris from Madison, WI to working with over fifty local artists from CO and the Midwest, Underground experiments continues to grow, harvesting new talent and planting new seeds.

SynMed: SynMed began as an attempt to combat the hackneyed humdrum of modern aesthetics and creative processes as well as meet new and inspirational people along the way. I have already been blown away by how successful these attempts have already been; especially considering SynMed is still in an infantile state. We can only go further…

SynMed has gained an extensive body of material and is gearing up for a plethora of releases. Be sure to stay tuned for the epic upcoming split between ConsolerCTRL & Jesse Dawson.

Additionally, we plan on organizing canned food drive concerts and other charitable efforts to assist our community and give back what we can to those in need. The more people that support SynMed, the more we are able to give back to the community.

GtoC: What can people do to get in touch with UE?

UE: If you want to be a part of the project contact Underground Experiments at aweindependent.gmail.com. All genres and forms of art are welcome! You can also visit us at our websites at http://undergroundexperiments.blogspot.com/http://www.facebook.com/theundergroundexperiments, or at http://www.undergroundexperiments.bandcamp.com/.

SynMed: You can go to our Facebook www.Facebook.com/Synaesthetic.media or Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/synaesthetic-media

Submit any sort of artistic endeavor to: Synaesthetic.media@yahoo.com









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